The Trail Use Resource page has been moved to the Administration area of the web site. This has been done to keep the user interface for general users as clean as possible.

To use the resource, you will need to log in. Use:

                  About TRTA > Administration – then click

Enter your username which is Guide and the same password you have always used for the resource page. You will return to the Home page. Again use:

                  About TRTA > Administration --- but DO NOT click

You will notice the Administration now has a >> on the right. This indicates that you are logged in. If you Click Administration, you will able to log out!

Move your cursor over Resources and click the entry for your resource. If you go to other parts of the web site, you will not need to login again.

From this point on, all should be the same as you’re used to. Any problems, contact Jaime or John McCall.