Current Trail Conditions 

Velma Overlook Desolation 6.30.16 resizedOverlooking Velma Lakes from the Fontanillis Lake Outlet 6.30.16

Summer has arrived! Expect the trail to be almost completely snow-free, even in higher elevations.

Each segment of the TRT is listed below with the most recent reports we have received. Please note that conditions can change rapidly--what you encounter on the trail may be somewhat different from what you read here.  Make sure to check the forecast before heading out on the TRT and plan ahead and prepare. is a great resource for area weather forecast.  If you are out on the trail and have updates to any of the information below including locations of downed trees, we would love to receive them.  

Report Trail Conditions 

  • For information from the USFS regarding gate, trailhead and road closures. please click here.
  • For information about local mountain bike trail conditions, please visit the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association's webpage.
  • For Spooner Backcountry conditions from the State Park click here.

Please note, as of July 1st, fire restrictions are in effect. For more information click here

Fontanillis Outlet Crossing with Nick USFS 6.30.16 resizedEcho Lakes to Barker Pass:
Expect small patches of snow on north-facing high elevation aspects within Desolation Wilderness. The creeks, streams, and lake outlets are running high right now. A picture of the Fontanillis Lake Outlet crossing from June 30th is to the right. Last updated 7/30/16 
Water Sources:

  • All Major Lakes within this segment have plenty of water for filtering.

Barker Pass to Tahoe City: Both gates on Barker Pass road are open and clear for travel.The trail should be snow free and passable. Last updated 7/30/16
Water Sources:

  • North Fork Blackwood Creek has water.
  • There were still several springs crossing the trail north of Barker Pass and south of Twin Peaks.
  • Ward Creek is also available as a water source.

Tahoe City to Brockway: The trail is clear of snow. 
Water Sources:

  • Watson Lake. 

Trail Condition 6 29 16Brockway to Mt. Rose: The trail from Brockway to Mt. Baldy is clear of snow. From Mt. Baldy to Rose Knob there are still small patches of snow, but are passable. Access to Grey Lake for water resupply may be partially covered in snow. Along Slab Cliffs there are several mounds of snow with prior hiker posthole steps making it manageable but tricky. The climb up to Relay Peak may have some snow remaining. Trails from the Relay Towers down to the Mt. Rose Summit Parking Lot are clear of snow. Last updated 7/30/2016.

Water Sources:

  • Mud Lake.
  • Grey Lake.
  • On the Incline Lake Trail at Third Creek approximately 1 mile south off the TRT (requiring 1 mile downhill and another mile back up).
  • Snow Pond/Frog Lake.
  • Galena falls.

Tahoe Meadows to Spooner: Tree thinning operations are in effect near the Ophir Creek TH but do not directly affect the TRT. Last updated 8/18/16

Trail Advisory: Bikes are allowed on the TRT on even numbered days from Tahoe Meadows to Hobart Road.
Overnight trail users: There is no dispersed camping within the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. You must camp in a designated campsite. The only designated campground in the park on the TRT is the Marlette Peak Campground. 

Events in the park: On August 20th & 21st the park will be hosting the XTERRA Lake Tahoe Mountain Triathlon's bike portion in the park and the Marlette 50K Run. On August 27th & 29th The AERC Endurance Rides will be on the trail for their backcountry equestrian distance ride event.

Water Sources:

  • There is water in Ophir Creek.
  • Twin Lakes are dry.
  • Water is available at the pump at Marlette Campground.
  • Water is available off the TRT at Marlette Lake, Spooner Lake, and along the Marlette Lake Outlet.

For information on the Flume Trail, bike rentals and the bike shuttle please visit: Flume Trail Bikes offers shuttles to both Spooner Lake State Park and Tahoe Meadows.

Spooner to Kingsbury North: The trail is clear of snow. 
Water Sources:

  • This section has no water!

An uprooted tree on the Kingsbury North Connector Trail has left a dangerous hole in the tread. Please avoid this trail or use caution to make your way around the hole. We will be fixing this issue ASAP and will update this page when it is clear.

Daggett System Trails: 

  • Kingsbury to Kingsbury Connector Trail: Trail is clear of snow. Water is available on the west side of Hwy 207 at Edgewood Creek.
  • Daggett North East Loop: Trail is clear of snow. No water available.
  • Van Sickle Connector Trail: Trail is clear of snow. Water is available at the Van Sickle Waterfall and the 2nd stream crossing. There is water in Edgewood Creek near the crossing of HWY 207. (8/10/2016)

Kingsbury South to Big Meadow: USFS road 051 (Willow Creek Road) is open. The gate at the Big Meadow trailhead is open. The trail is clear of snow aside from areas of snow between Star Lake and the Freel Peak Junction. The lower gate at Oneidas to Fountain Place Road is open and the upper gate is scheduled to open 6.30.16. Last updated 6/30/16
Water Sources:

  • Daggett Creek is dry.
  • Mott Canyon is dry. 
  • Star Lake.
  • Also water is available at a couple of small springs between Freel Saddle and Armstrong Pass approximately 2 miles NE of Armstrong Pass.

Big Meadow to Echo Summit: The Big Meadow parking lot, trailhead and gate to the campground are open. The trail is pretty much free of snow, but there are some muddy wet areas remaining on the trail. Lots of mosquitoes! Last updated 7/20/16
Water Sources:

  • Big meadow Creek has water flowing in it.
  • Round Lake, Dardanelles Lake, and Showers Lake all have plenty of water.
  • The Upper Truckee River at Meiss Meadow.
  • The ponds at the Four Lakes region just north of Meiss Meadow have water in the ponds approximately a mile south of Showers Lake.
  • The flower bowl north of Showers Lake. 
  • Approximately 3 miles south of Echo Summit, the upper end of the Benwood Meadow feeder creek also has a decent flow of water.
  • The creek that feeds Benwood Meadow 1.5 miles south of Echo Summit (with a footbridge) has a good flow of water. 
  • The pond near Benwood Meadow is slimy (on the residential spur trail). 

For information on permits and rules on the Tahoe Rim Trail, please go to Using the Trail.

The Tahoe Rim Trail's Trail Conditions page relies on the support of trail users to get the most up to date information. If you have any updates to the information listed above please email them to or click here to report conditions online.