Current Trail Conditions

Dry, warm weather strikes again!  Aside from dismal drought forecasts and depressed skiers and snowshoers, these warm temperatures have been great for some early spring trail use!  If you are heading out on the trail please keep the following in mind:

  • The 2014/2015 winter has been the winter of wind! A very large number of down trees are littering the Tahoe Rim Trail around the Basin.  Some are easy step overs and some are tangled up messes that make one question if there was ever a trail there to begin with. TRTA Sawyers have been working diligently to remove these trees where they are accessible, and have already cleared over 80 trees this winter but there are many that remain. When possible, please try to go over these down trees rather than creating new trails by walking around.
  • If you are riding a horse or a bike, please stick to dry trails.  
  • While it has been warm and dry, many segments of the TRT, especially at the higher elevations and on the West side of the trail, are still mostly covered with snow or icy patches.  If you are looking for dry trails, you will need to head lower in elevation than the Tahoe Rim.  Trails in the Carson Valley, near Reno, and in some areas of the Tahoe Basin at Lake level are great options.  

We have updated our Trail Conditions page below. Please note that conditions can change rapidly--what you encounter on the trail may be somewhat different from what you read here. Also keep in mind that this is the Sierra and although the trend seems to be warm and dry, conditions can change quickly!  Make sure to check the forecast before heading out on the TRT and plan ahead and prepare. is a great resource for area weather forecast.  If you are out on the trail and have updates to any of the information below, we would love to receive them.  

Report Trail Conditions 

  • For information from the USFS regarding gate, trailhead and road closures. please click here.
  • For information about local mountain bike trail conditions, please visit the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association's webpage.

4.26.15 Relay Peak Conditions

Relay Peak Area of the Tahoe Rim Trail, 4/26/2015

Updated 5/4/2015

Echo Lakes to Barker Pass: Snow. 

Barker Pass to Tahoe City: Gates to Barker Pass Trailhead are closed.  Snow at Barker Pass down to the Ward Creek Area.  Ward Creek to Tahoe City is clear of downed trees and has a few small patches of snow that should melt off in the next week with the well above average high temperatures in the forecast. Dry areas near Tahoe City.

Tahoe City to Brockway: There are only a few patches of snow remainin on this segment with the exception of some larger patces only in the area south of Watson Lake (north side of Watson Peak).  There is no water flowing out of Watson Lake.  The outlet is dry even though there is some snow remaining at the edge of the lake.  All downed trees have been removed from this section of trail.

Brockway to Mt. Rose: Expect full snow coverage near Relay Peak and on high elevation sections of this segment and icy patches down at lower elevations.  

Tahoe Meadows to Spooner: North facing shaded aspects of this segment of trail will have patches of snow, some significant in areas at higher elevations.  For information on the Flume Trail and the bike shuttle please call 775-298-2501. For Spooner Backcountry conditions from the State Park click here

Spooner to Kingsbury NorthSnow near Snow Valley Peak in the middle of this segment, 3+ feet deep in places.  Over 30 trees have been removed from this segment but there are still a few remaining near Snow Valley Peak.

Daggett System Trails:  

  • Kingsbury to Kingsbury Connector Trail: Snow on north facing sections of the trail and on the ski area otherwise fairly dry especially near Castle Rock Trail.
  • Daggett North East Loop: Clear. 
  • Van Sickle Connector Trail: The upper section of this trail is part of the Heavenly Ski Area and will still have patches of snow.  Lower sections of the trail have patchy snow cover in north facing aspects. 

Kingsbury South to Big Meadow: Significant snow drifts in higher elevations sections of the trail especially near Star Lake.  Snow also on sections of trail that are part of Heavenly near the Kingsbury South Trailhead. 

Big Meadow to Echo Summit: The south end of Big Meadow is still very wet. The trail is clear of downed trees from Big Meadow Trailhead to Round Lake.  There are snow drifts south of Round Lake and higher elevation sections of the trail headed towards Echo Summit are snow covered. 

For information on permits and rules for hiking/backpacking on the Tahoe Rim Trail, please go to Using the Trail.

The Tahoe Rim Trail's Trail Conditions page relies on the support of trail users to get the most up to date information. If
you have any updates to the information listed above please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to report conditions online.