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Make dreams come true.  Be a Trail Angel!

Trail Angels, a person of exemplary conduct and virture, are vital to the success of the Annual TRTA Thru Hike. They help participants have a more balanced and fresh diet, lighten their pack weight by supplying their duffel bags and resupply meals, support guides with charged radios, and weather reports.  There are seven trail angel stops at designated trailheads during each of the two TRTA supported Thru Hikes, and the participants sure do look forward to seeing a friendly face, delicious spread of fresh food, and cold beverages to quench their thirst.
  • Trail Angels must commit to serving thru hikers a minimum of one trailhead during the either July/August or August/September Annual Thru Hike.
  • Responsible for shopping and contributing a spread of food and drinks for the Thru Hikers (TRTA will reimburse).
  • Bring food and supplies to trailhead and set up before hikers arrive.
  • Provide a variety of re-supply items such as fuel, chairs, first aid supplies, etc, as well as a handwashing station.  The TRTA supplies the angels with these items.  
  • Clean up thoroughly after hikers leave; all trash should be collected and no food should be on the ground.

Click here to read the complete Trail Angel Job Description. 

For more information, contact Lindsey at lindseys@tahoerimtrail.org or (775) 298-4491.