Mountain Biking on the TRT

Growing in popularity since the early 1990s, Mountain Biking is now a mainstream recreational activity for many outdoor enthusiasts - and it's easy to see why! Mountain biking affords riders the opportunity to engage in a challenging aerobic workout while enjoying the fresh mountain air of the Tahoe Basin. Even if you're only able to get out on the trail for a couple of hours each week, mountain biking gives you the chance to get away from the demands of the "real world" and explore the beauty of the natural world.

Mt. Biker

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The Tahoe Rim Trail was designed with mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians in mind. Over the years, our volunteers have worked hard to ensure that our trail includes terrain for beginner level mountain bikers and more technical sections for advanced riders.

If you are planning on taking your mountain bike out for a spin on the TRT, please remember that other users share this trail with you. Because mountain bikes can quickly gain speed (especially on downhill sections), and carry a lot of momentum with them, it is critical that safety and control are top priorities. We encourage everyone to ride at appropriate speeds so that we can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all TRT users.

In 1988, the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) formed to promote responsible mountain biking, encourage volunteer trail work, form partnerships with other trail user groups, and help provide trail management solutions for government officials. IMBA created a standard code of mountain biker conduct. IMBA's "Rules of the Trail" are now recognized around the world and are supported by the TRTA.