West Shore Hikes

1. Interpretive Loop at Tahoe Meadows

Classification: Easy
Distance:1.2 miles round trip
 Exceptional wildflowers, an edge ecosystem, & informative signage.
This loop can be accessed from the Tahoe Meadows trailhead, which is on the south side of Highway 431 (the Mt. Rose highway) about a ¼ mile west of the summit.
Best accessed from:
Reno & North Shore Lake Tahoe
The interpretive trail is suitable for all users, including those in wheelchairs. The trail is off limits to mountain bikers.
This is a relatively flat loop trail, where you can explore open meadow terrain, flowing streams, and a lodgepole pine forest. There are informative signs along the way on a wide range of topics, including wildflowers, animal life, forest fires, and the Washoe Indians. There are exceptional wildflower displays in early summer, however this area is beautiful all year round.
Estimated Calorie Loss: 
316 calories; this is based on the above calorie chart and a 40 minute hiking time.

2. Mt. Rose Loop Trail

Classification: Medium
Distance: 5 - 6 miles round trip
Low / High Elevations: 8900 ft. / 9420 ft
Highlights: Waterfall, wilderness experience, and loop ability (i.e. you will not see the same thing twice).
Location: This loop can be accessed from the Mt. Rose trailhead, which is on the north side of Highway 431 (the Mt. Rose highway) at the summit.
Best accessed from: Reno & North Shore Lake Tahoe
Users: This loop is for hikers and equestrians only. Part of the loop is in wilderness land and thus mountain bikes are not allowed.
Description: Completed in 2004, this loop is perfect for day hiking. Beginning at the new Mt. Rose trailhead, you will climb gently up a sandy slope with picturesque views for about a mile. The landscape will become greener till you pass a splendid waterfall. Soon after the falls, the trail splits: be sure to follow signs for the Tahoe Rim Trail which bears  to the left and eventually joins an old forest service road. Follow this dirt road down the hill past lovely views of the lake. As you approach Highway 431, there is a connector trail that will bring you back to your car.
Estimated Calorie Loss: 1422 calories; this is based on the above chart, and an estimated hiking time of 3 hrs (i.e. 2 mph).

3. Brockway to Watson Lake

Classification: Hard
Distance: 13.4 miles round trip
Low / High Elevations: 7000 ft. / 7760 ft.
Highlights: Lunch at the lake and gentle rambling hiking.
Location: The Brockway trailhead is on Highway 267 about 0.5 miles south of the summit.
Best accessed from: Truckee, North Shore Lake Tahoe & Reno.
Users: This trail is open to mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians. Be sure to yield as is appropriate.
Description: The first 4.5 miles are gentle ups and downs through white fir and Jeffrey pine forest. In this section you will cross several forest service roads (including FSR 73, commonly known as the Fiberboard Freeway); make sure you are rejoining the actual trail after each of these junctions. After 4.5 miles there is a short 90 yard spur trail on your left hand side which takes you to a large rock pile that offers spectacular views of Lake Tahoe. During the next 2.2 miles you will be heading gently up through beautiful wildflower meadows and forested areas. After passing several seep streams, you will arrive at Watson Lake. Enjoy your time here before returning via the same path.
Special Note: You can drive to Watson Lake, so you can make this a shorter, one-way trip be leaving a car on each end of the route.
Estimated Calorie Loss: 3175.8 calories; this is based on the above chart and an estimated hiking time of 6.7 hrs (i.e. 2 mph)