Information for Equestrians
Where can I park a horse trailer?
Parking a horse trailer can be a bit tricky at certain spots and much easier at others. Below is a list of all trailheads and details that relate to trailer parking.

Tahoe City: The 64 acre site has space for a horse trailer, but they can be narrow. Also note that during the summer they can be filled by regular vehicles and no space will be available. The Fairway trailhead this is not a good place to try and get a space. Not at all designed for horse trailers.

Brockway Summit: There are three parking options for this site. There is TRT parking along the southern side of the Hwy at the actual start of the trail. However parking here is limited and you would have to unload your horse on pavement next to the traffic. You can drive a short distance up the dirt road on the Northern side of the highway and park approximately three trailer rigs but you have to


check first if there are cars there or not. This road has terrible access from the highway and is not highly recommended. The last option is 0.2 miles past the actual summit on the Truckee side heading toward Truckee; on your right is a road leading up to Martis Peak. Drive up the road approximately 3 miles and there is a road that you can leave the pavement and gain direct access to the TRT. You will need a good map and a comfort ability with backcountry roads for this adventure.

Mt. Rose Summit: There is room for a few trailers to park; however, like Tahoe Meadows this is a popular destination, and space is limited. This is an entirely paved parking lot also. Note: this trailhead should be used only for heading toward Brockway. If you are heading toward Spooner Summit please park at the Tahoe Meadows trailhead.

Tahoe Meadows : The Tahoe Meadows' trailhead was designated for horse trailers, but be advised that on busy days this is a very popular place to park. There is also room on the shoulder. Note: this trailhead should be used only for heading toward Spooner Summit. If you are heading toward Brockway please park at the Mt. Rose Summit trailhead.

Spooner Summit: The paved parking area on the north side of the highway at the trailhead is not designed for horse trailers but close by on the North side of Hwy 50 there is parking specifically for horse trailers. This can be found off of Hwy. 50 on the North side of the road, ½ mile east of the summit on the Carson City side. It is west of the sand shed. There is no signage or turn lane for this parking area. There is a connector trail from this parking to the trail toward Spooner. If you are heading toward


Kingsbury Grade the trailhead has parking; however it can get crowded so come early. On the South side of the highway there is a well established parking area that accommodates horse trailers.We recommend that you park on the same side you intend to ride, as highway 50 is a major 4 lane highway with heavy traffic.

Kingsbury Grade North: The parking here is off a quiet subdivision road. There is room for a few horse trailers.

Kingsbury Grade South: This large Heavenly ski area parking provides plenty of room for a horse trailer.

Big Meadow: This parking lot has designated horse trailer parking. Unfortunately, at times when it is very crowded people without horse trailers park in those designated spots. Also note that the parking lot has sharp turns that can be a challenge. If you are heading towards Freel Peak, you can park along the road near the Armstrong Pass trailhead and then use that connector trail.

Echo Summit: The snow park parking is quite large; making this is an excellent spot to park. From here one can follow the trail south toward Big Meadow or there is a small trail going north that will bring you to Echo Lake.

Echo Lake: There is very limited parking here; especially during the summer month as this is a very popular destination.

Barker Pass: There is plenty of room to park up here. From here one can access the trail in either direction.

Where can I board my horse? (click for details)
TRT Access (miles)
Amacker Ranch
Sawmill Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Echo Summit - 5.8
Amacker Ranch
975 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville, NV
Kingsbury - 16.4
Camp Richardson Corral and Pack Station
Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Echo Lake - 12.0, Echo Summit - 11.1
Christine Hoffman Horse Boarding
10890 Chestnut Street, Reno, NV
Mt. Rose - 38.0
Cottonwood Creek Farm
1702 Sanchez Road, Gardnerville, NV 89410
Kingsbury - 19.5
D Bar D Ranch
3128 Bodie Road, Gardnerville, NV
kingsbury - 17.3
Dread-Knot Equine Training and Boarding
1744 Reed Circle, Minden NV
Kingsbury - 25.3, Spooner - 20.9
Euer Valley Ranch
8 1/2 miles north of Truckee, CA
Brockway - 18.1
LayzD Ranch
10800 Silver Knolls Boulevard, Reno, NV
Mt. Rose - 39.7
Rain Dance Ranch
2666 Billys Road Minden, NV
Kingsbury - 21.1, Spooner - 16.7
Reno Ranch Trucking & Horse Motel
10890 Chestnut Street, Reno, NV
Mt. Rose - 38.0
River Bottom Ranch
5050 Hells Bells Road, Carson City
Spooner 14.5
Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center
551 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville, NV
Kingsbury - 16.4
Sunset Stables
2480 Fremont Street, Minden, NV
Spooner - 19.5, Kingsbury - 23.9
Tangren Stables
12012 Red Rock Road, Reno, NV
Mt. Rose - 38.8
The Cowboy Barn
15765 Rancho Drive, Reno NV
Mt. Rose - 66.5
Van Sickle Station Ranch
1974 Foothill Road, Minden, NV
Kingsbury - 14.9