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Current Trail Conditions - User Reports

Please note that conditions can change rapidly--what you encounter on the trail may be somewhat different from what you read here. Be mindful of winter weather and plan ahead for associated hazards when traveling.  Information from the USFS regarding gate, trailhead and road closures can be found here. The information below is collated mainly from trail user reports.  If you are out on the trail and have updates to any of the information below we would love to receive them.  

Report Trail Conditions 

  • For information about local mountain bike trail conditions, please visit the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association's webpage.
  • Road construction in the Tahoe Basin may impact how you access trailheads.  For information on the 2014 Tahoe Basin Construction season click here

Barker Pass to Tahoe City: The road to the Barker Pass Trailhead is still gated.  Trail between Barker Pass and Ward Creek will still have snow on all north facing aspects.  Ward Creek to Tahoe City will have some snow patches which may be sizable in some areas.  The trail near Granlibakken and Tahoe City is the lowest area of the trail and is a good option for folks looking for early season hikes.  (4/18/2014)

Tahoe City to Brockway: From Tahoe City heading east the trail is mostly clear to the Cinder Cone then patchy snow.  No reports regarding Watson Lake snow conditions but TRTA expect snow in the area for a few more weeks.  The area around Tahoe City is the lowest area of the trail and is a good option for folks looking for early season hikes.  (4/18/2014)  

Brockway to Mt. Rose: This is the highest section of the Tahoe Rim Trail and snow is still visible on the ridgeline from the Tahoe Basin.  The TRTA expects significant snow amounts to remain in areas on the trail for another few weeks near Relay Ridge, Mt. Houghton, and Mt. Rose.  (4/19/2014)

Tahoe Meadows to SpoonerPatchy snow cover in most areas with significant areas of snow coverage on north facing aspects. For information on the Flume Trail and the bike shuttle please call 775-298-2501. For Spooner Backcountry conditions from the State Park click here.

Spooner to Kingsbury North: Since this section is on the east side of the Tahoe Basin, it receives less snow and is one of the first TRT segments to completely clear of snow and is therefore good option for early season trail users.  Much of this section of trail is clear but significant snow is still hanging around on the switchbacks heading up either side of South Camp Peak.  (4/19/2014)

Daggett System Trails:

  • Kingsbury North Trailhead to Kingsbury South Trailhead: Patchy to significant snow in shaded areas of this section of trail and at the Kingsbury South side of the trail.  (4/19/2014)
  • Daggett North East Loop: Patchy snow cover in areas, clear for a majority of the loop. (4/19/2014)
  • Van Sickle Connector Trail: Trail is completely clear of snow within Van Sickle Park to a ways above the waterfall.  Expect some patchy snow then significant coverage as you approach the ski area at the top of the trail. 4/19/2014

Kingsbury South to Big Meadow: Sections of this segment are at very high elevation and run through the ski area.  Expect significant snow on these higher elevation sections and north facing sections. (4/19/2014)

Big Meadow to Echo Summit: The trail heading up to Big Meadow towards Echo Summit has some patchy snow cover.  The meadow is currently very wet.  Past the meadow snow coverage starts as you leave the meadow and enter the tree cover.  (4/19/2014)

Echo Lakes to Barker Pass: This section of trail receives signifcantly more snow then the east side of the TRT.  Even with the low snow year, expect signficant snow on this section of trail for several more weeks.  Lower portions of this segment from Barker Pass south towards Richardson will melt out earlier.  The gates going up Barker Pass road are currently closed.  Lake Echo Chalet (and the water taxi) is closed.

For information on permits and rules for hiking/backpacking on the Tahoe Rim Trail, please go to Using the Trail.

The Tahoe Rim Trail's Trail Conditions page relies on the support of trail users to get the most up to date information. If
you have any updates to the information listed above please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or click here to report conditions online.